As I have mentioned, this blog is still getting started, and I’m very open to fresh ideas.  I’d love to hear from you and allow you to play an important role in where this blog goes!  How can you help shape The High School Seminarian?

(1) Comment!
Hearing what discussion ensues following each post is one of the best ways for me to tell what has been interesting and helpful to readers.  So leave a comment!

(2) Send me a question!
Shoot me an email at with topic suggestions or any specific questions you have about the Bible, theology, etc.  I will try to answer each of them, and most will be posted (anonymously) on the blog itself.  I welcome all sorts of questions from readers of any age from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds.

(3) Volunteer your knowledge!
If you think you have something interesting to share, send me an email at  I will gather some more information from you, and if it seems you have something appropriate for the blog, I am excited to include interviews, as well as guest posts.  Below is a list of some of the things I’m looking for:

From anyone and everyone:

  • Share about a recent conference, retreat, class, or small group relating to spiritual formation, ministry, or theology.
  • Share about a book you would recommend to high school students, which helped you better understand the Bible, Christian theology, or your personal faith.

Especially from middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students:

  • Share about your youth group, college ministry, church, family, school, friends, community service, or future goals.  What interesting roles does theology play?  Have you noticed any connections between things we’ve talked about on this blog and your own experience?
  • Share your thoughts on how theology relates to an important area of your life or society.

Especially from seminary students and alums, or others with theology, religious studies, or ministry backgrounds:

  • How have your studies been meaningful?  What stands out among the things you have learned?
  • What can you tell high school students about your experience at your institution and/or in your current career?  What advice would you give them?
  • If there is a specific topic you’d like to guest blog on, let me know.

Especially from pastors and youth ministers:

  • How does your theology impact your approach to ministry?
  • What creative ways have you or your students integrated biblical studies, theology, or ministry into the content, structure, or practice of your youth ministry and/or church?
  • What advice would you give students who might feel their developing theological views differ from those of their youth pastor, church, or parents?

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