Where else can you go for interesting discussions about Christian theology?  Here’s a list of some of my favorite blogs.  I’d love to add some teen/young adult blogs on here, too, so if you’re in the demographic and have a religion blog, let me know!

The CBE Scroll- A blog sponsored by Christians for Biblical Equality, looking at issues of theology, church life, society, and gender.

Her.meneutics– A blog from Christianity Today, discussing theology and society from an evangelical women’s perspective.  It’s officially “for” women, but its talented writers offer insights for everyone.

Out of Ur– This blog targets readers of Leadership Journal, published by Christianity Today International.  While its circle of authors is not as diverse as would be preferred, it provides a great way to jump into important conversations about ministry with pastors and other Christian leaders.

Piebald Life– An intelligent but down-to-earth blog by InterVarsity staff Alex Kirk, examining the everyday intersections of life and the Christian faith.  Alex offers wisdom for all, but as someone involved in college ministry, often offers the most to those in or approaching the college years.

Storied Theology– A blog by Daniel Kirk, Ph.D. (Duke University), assistant professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary.  Daniel’s blog introduces interesting topics in biblical studies and theology, delving into current academic publications yet remaining remarkably relevant to the life and practice of everyday Christians.

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